Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Thompson Getting Chipped

So what do former Bush administration officials do to make a buck once they leave the administration. Well I would have thought get a good lobbying job. Tommy Thompson my former Governor and everyone's former Health and Human Services Secretaty has announced he will have a medical info chip implanted in his arm.

Now before you think Tommy is just doing this for science, guess again. The chip is made by Florida-based VeriChip, which recently added Thompson to its board of directors. And then there is this:
Another possible interest in VeriChip may stem from Thompson's other business activities since leaving government. He also serves as president of La Crosse-based Logistics Health Inc., which has ambitions of expanding business with the military and Homeland Security.

Among other things, Logistics Health provides "medical readiness solutions" for the U.S. military reserves, according to its Web site. It's homeland security unit "provides disaster response training services and vaccination scheduling, management and delivery, including the coordination and networking of critical disease information to thousands of healthcare providers across the country."

But only 5 hospitals in the DC and Boston areas are able to use the technology. Thompson is in the little town of Elroy WI which is really in the sticks. Doesn't seem practical medically speaking. But financially...oh yeah. And hey he's supporting the troops.

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