Saturday, August 06, 2005

Right-Wing Nuthouse Indeed heh

Well I was waiting to see if there would be a reaction to Mithras' Conservative Blog Taxonomy (see my related post). Indeed via Michelle Malkin one finds Rightwing Nuthouse's Moonbat Blog Taxonomy. Here's what Rick Moran has to say about Eschaton commentors...
....... his “community” is the most vulgar, most obscenely obnoxious group of party hacks around. Black has been known to sic his minions on bloggers who displease him. A real class act.

Rick do you mean like this????
"If they nuke us, I'll be joining you and we'll execute General Order 24 (Terrorize and exterminate all Muslims) We'll light up the night sky with the fires of their mosques (breeding grounds for Islamic hatred)and water the grass with their blood. There will be nobody to stop the public from exacting our revenge. I hate to say this or even make comparisons but we'll make Krystal Nacht look like a square dance."

Wrong! Because that is a comment from one Darth Vader in response to a Free Republic post by Rick Moran. The point...... I'm sure one could find extreme comments on any blog so no need to get in a tit- for- tat. However at Free Republic and LGF one would find comments like Darth Vader's to be commonplace. I don't know about comments at Rightwing Nuthouse as I've never studied them. I'll admit that. It is obvious Moran has never studied Eschaton comments though.

I am a reader of Eschaton and a regular commentor. I am not a "party hack" (hard to find those at Eschaton)
Nor am I "minion" to any blogger. For example I did this post all by my lonesome self and of my own free will. And when I am done I'll be moseying over to Eschaton and I'll probably mention this in the comments. Undoubtably people will have a good laugh and get a couple of digs in at Mr. Moran's ignorance ( with real class) and that will be it. No call for all out nuclear war will be involved I am sure.

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