Saturday, August 06, 2005

4 Years Ago Today

Bush was on vacation at the ranch in Crawford. Facing him was what was thought to be an agonizing decision regarding Stem Cell Research.
"White House advisors say Bush is torn on the issue, which represents perhaps the toughest political and ethical question he has faced since taking office."

He told the press he'd make a decision when he was ready.
He deliberated with Karen Hughes.

And on August 9 his struggle ended with a televised National Address.
He faced the nation and told us of his decision.
He ended that with this line:
"I have made this decision with great care, and I pray it is the right one."

Today it is painfully clear that it was not the right decision to even be contemplating. All that care, struggle and prayer should have been spent on the PDB he had been given on August 6. But as Bush struggled with how to please "his base", Bin Laden mobilized "The Base" to action. As Bush fiddled his thumbs over a purely political decision, he left the nation unguarded and we were attacked. This is nothing short of incompetence. That he hasn't paid the price for it is inexplicable.

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