Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Madison WI Supports Cindy

These are photos from the Vigil in Madison WI
The crowd was between 300-400 strong.

This is just part of the crowd.
I couldn't even capture all of it in any photos.

This is Jean Jensen of Military Families for Peace speaking.

This is a woman from Share the Sacrifice.
This woman was fired from her teaching job when she said in her class that all avenues should be exhausted before going to war. A parent complained and she was fired. Her son who is in the Navy is now being deployed to Afghanistan to do a job he wasn't even trained to do. She ia asking Why?
Please consider donating to this group. (or her legal fund as she is suing the Indiana school that fired her)

After the vigil the crowd climbed the hill to line John Nolen Drive.
Eventually people were lined along 4 sides for 1/4 mile.

This is just part of the people on just one side of JN Drive.

People held their signs up to passing motorists.
So many cars that went by beeped continuously and waved the peace sign.
I can not convey how incredible this was.
It was car after car beeping.
It was very loud and all I thought was this country is
So Sick of This War!

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