Friday, August 05, 2005

A Novak Salute to Bullshit Over the Years

LBJ is Bullshit.

Jimmy Carter is Bullshit

Dukakis ha...that is a Bullshit idea.

Iran-Contra is Bullshit. Never happened.

Ted Turner is Bullshit. Cable news my ass.

Tables are Bullshit. Where's a podium?

Tim Russert is Bullshit. Give me Larry Spivak.

Begalia is Bullshit. Hey get this dyke out of here.

Press is really Bullshit.

This is Bullshit. Hey you give me that drink.

This crowd is bullshit. Where's the bar?

Autograph? Get that paper way from me. Autographs are Bullshit. But you can get me a drink.

Mingling is Bullshit. Now let me drink in peace.

Black women getting awards is Bullshit. Mmm nice ass.

This young man is OK. But smiling for cameras is Bullshit.

I love this Ash Wednesday look. But Easter is Bullshit.

Cooper is panty waist. Tell Carville to sit the fuck down. He's blocking my shot.

You just want me to say Bullshit.
I won't do it Asshole.

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