Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Cindy Sheehan Support

Rep. John Conyers say:

I just spoke with Cindy (you can listen to a tape of the phone call here). While listening to the call is probably better than my recollection, I let her know how much I support her and that I think what she is doing is so enormously beneficial to the country. To me, what she is doing in Texas has the power to change Washington.

I also told her that I am making a $500 donation today to the Gold Star Families organization. I want to urge you to donate at if you can.

Maureen Dowd is back and lays into Bush's handling of Cindy Sheehan:

The Bush team tried to discredit "Mom" by pointing reporters to an old article in which she sounded kinder to W. If only her husband were an undercover C.I.A. operative, the Bushies could out him. But even if they send out a squad of Swift Boat Moms for Truth, there will be a countering Falluja Moms for Truth.

It's amazing that the White House does not have the elementary shrewdness to have Mr. Bush simply walk down the driveway and hear the woman out, or invite her in for a cup of tea. But W., who has spent nearly 20 percent of his presidency at his ranch, is burrowed into his five-week vacation and two-hour daily workouts. He may be in great shape, but Iraq sure isn't.

Let's Continue to Support Cindy.

If you can Go to Crawford, do so.

If you can donate money, do so:
Donate to Crawford Peace House (PayPal now working)
Donate to Gold Star Families for Peace

Contact your elected reps:
Contact Your Representatives
Contact the Media, National and Local

Sign Cindy's Online Petition (Link is down)
A list of supplies that Camp Casey needs donated can be found here

If you are a blogger participate in the Blog Swarm

And be sure to talk to everyone (family, friends, co-workers) you can about what Cindy is doing.

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