Saturday, August 06, 2005

Taft Golfed with Noe

Golf, Golf & Golf. Oh how the pols looove their golf. (See earlier post) It use to be that one pictured scenes of government corruption taking place behind closed doors of smoke filled rooms. Now it seems to be out in the clear sunny skies on neatly manicured greens.

So I'm not surprised that the Toledo Blade is reporting that Ohio Gov. Taft did golf with Tom Noe. He had failed to report that. Oh he did fess up a month ago that he had forgotten to disclose a few things. Records released today show that was about 20 golf outings, one of which was with Noe. Unfortunately the records don't show who paid for the outings. Noe is at the center of Ohio's coingate scandal. And...
The Ohio Ethics Commission is investigating whether the governor failed to report gifts on his financial disclosure statements, as required by state law.

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