Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Putting Faces To Places

Atrios had a link today of Gotta Know the Players which linked to Mithras blog post of Conservative Blog Taxonomy. The post features a selection of 10 conservative blogs. It provides a description of each blog and the blogger. But I like visuals and so below are pics of each of these bloggers.

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit

Michelle Malkin of of course Michelle Malkin

John H. Hinderaker aka "Hindrocket" of Powerline

Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs

Ed Morrissey of Captain's Quarter

Eugene Volokh of Volokh Conspiracy

Hugh Hewitt of Hugh Hewitt

Jeff Jarvis of Buzzmachine

Josh Trevino of RedState

Dean Esmay of Dean's World

Still searching for Dean Esmay and Ed Morrissey. So if you got their snapshots send it.

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