Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Rumsfeld Wouldn't Answer Question
On Ohio Unit Troop Request

Yesterday I posted on a USA Today story that said the Ohio Marine Unit that suffered recent heavy casualties had repeatedly requested 1000 more troops. ( See previous post) Today in a press conference just concluded Rumsfeld was asked if this were true and were more troops needed in Iraq .
Rumsfeld and General Myers continued to say we were getting more Iraqi forces but it would take time. They did not specify numbers and when asked how much time was needed they could not say. Rumsfeld never answered the question about the Ohio Unit and moved along to the last question when the reporter attempted to have him answer it.

This USA Today story and the Pentagon response to troop levels I think goes to the core of why 61% of Americans are now dissatisfied with the Administration's handling of the war. Why isn't the press covering this?

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