Thursday, August 11, 2005

Michelle fire up the flux-capacitor......

I thought it was just a low down dirty shameless hit job when Michelle Malkin said John Kerry had actually shot himself on that swift boat in Vietnam. But now that Michelle has learned this...

"I can't imagine Army Spc. Casey Sheehan would stand for a bunch of strangers glomming onto his mother's crusade and using him to undermine the war effort as they shouted "W killed her son" in front of countless TV cameras."

NOW I realize she must be hiding away some sort of time machine that she can hop in to get the real inside scoop when poll numbers are looking bleak for her meal tick...err leader, Mr. Bush. When numbers showed Mr. Kerry in a dead heat with Her Leader, Malkin hopped into the Mr. Smear-A-Vet-Vitriol machine and transported herself to Vietnam. With the rockets red glare she was able to see there was no swarm of evil Asian enemy (Michelle: note to self...evil asian enemy....there's a book to be written there. Start on that when I get back)
but just a young John Kerry messing around with a grenade contemplating how to become President one day.

And when 61% of Americans said they disaprove of the Iraq war she traveled once again. (An aside. That great pic she had of her with the wind blown hair....captured from the web cam on the dash of the DeLorean during actual time travel.) Yup Malkin's machine can go to any dimension. She hopped in to find one Casey Sheehan and grab that exclusive. She saved her meal tick...err Leader once again.

I have a request of our time travelling super hero. Could you please travel to the future and let us know just when this War in Iraq concludes???? Haliburton wants to know, the troops want to know, parents of eligible recruits want to know and the Yellow Elephants really need to know.

*** No link to Malkin site is necessary as she she doesn't need your hit on her site meter. Knowing her racist smearing vitriol helps Bush and provides a comfortable living for her family is reward enough.

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