Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Ohio Groups Sue & Petition for Election Reform

The Ohio League of Women Voters is "filing a lawsuit in federal court in Toledo that seeks to force Ohio to reform voting procedures that have become sloppy and disorganized over the past three decades, denying numerous citizens their constitutional right to cast ballots in federal elections." The League contends...
These deficiencies include, the league contends, "widespread problems with the voter registration system, the absentee and provisional ballot processes, the training of poll workers, the organization of polling places and precincts, and the allocation of voting machines."

The Toledo Blade Editorial board has thrown their support behind the League...
While no voting system can function perfectly all the time, many of the barriers to proper election administration that have cropped up in Ohio can be weeded out if the League of Women Voters' lawsuit gets its proper day in court.
Yesterday a group called Reform Ohio Now filed over a half million signatures to place 3 issues on the ballot that would reform voting pracrices in Ohio including...
  • change the way congressional and legislative districts are drawn
  • create a state elections board
  • lower the individual limit on campaign contributions.
Voting flaws in last years presidential election and recent Ohio Republican party scandals are driving many in Ohio to assess voting reform. As one activist said, "We, the citizens, are supposed to drive the system, not the politicians. Elected officials now choose the voters, rather than the other way around."

I can't say it any better than that

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