Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Judy In Jail Update

pic from The Daily Roast

So what is Judy up to these days?
From WaPo:

Alexandria Sheriff James H. Dunning said he takes pains to make sure his famous charges are treated no differently than drug dealers or killers. "The celebrities get the same treatment here as anyone else," he said in an interview yesterday at the jail.

Dunning said Miller is "fitting in just fine. Let's face it, jail is not fun. But she is not having any unusual difficulty adjusting to the environment."

That doesn't mean life is problem-free or cushy. Miller sleeps in an 80-square-foot cell with a concrete slab and mattress for a bed and two thin slits for windows. She has told visitors that she brushes her hair with a toothbrush. She dines on such delicacies as turkey a la king and "down home" ham and pinto beans.

The food has "taken some getting used to," Times Publisher Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr. wrote in an internal posting supplied by the newspaper.

Miller's attorney, Bob Bennett, declined to make her available for an interview. He said Miller has a job as a "floor monitor," cleaning up trays after meals.

Toothbrushing your hair!! Eeegads.....Sounds tough until you consider how Valerie Plame will have to be looking over her shoulder until...well forever. And we don't know which criminal(s) Judy is protecting......the ones not behind bars or the one who is.

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