Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Terrible Toll of War in Ohio

This NYT article tells the story of the Third Battalion, 25th Marines, Fourth Marine Division from Ohio.
47 men from this unit have died since May. The pain from those deaths has cut a wide swath and left many people questioning while others remain commited to the war out of respect for the ones lost.
Even some former marines have begun to question those policies. At a prayer vigil for the 3/25 in Cleveland on Friday, Frank Faragone, who was a marine in the 1950's and whose son is a Marine gunnery sergeant today, said the United States should hasten the transfer of power to Iraqis and bring American forces home soon. "Insurgency is tough, you'll never get rid of it," said Mr. Faragone, 67, a retired police officer from Cleveland. "The answer is let the Iraqis take care of themselves."

"Are you going to tell that mother whose son is in a casket that you don't believe in what they are doing over there?" asked Karen Parker, 43, of Cleveland, whose son is with the 3/25 in Iraq. "Do you know how that would hurt them? We don't have that right."
Iwouldn't say anything hurtful to those who have lost a loved one to the war in Iraq. But I do have the right to question our leaders on this war. That is where the questions and protests must be directed.

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