Tuesday, August 02, 2005

CNN WTF Moments:
Gergen Knows Underwear

This exchange on 7/11 between Lou Dobbs and David Gergen not only left viewers asking WTF but also Lou:
Good to have you with us, David.


DOBBS: This is a remarkable shift over the course of the past 10 days. On July 1, Lawrence O'Donnell says Karl Rove is it. Now, Ambassador Joseph Wilson had said that nearly two years ago, but Lawrence O'Donnell's comments spurred within 24 hours, reaction from Rove's attorney, and the issue was under way.

What do you make of it?

GERGEN: Well, Lou, I think that this is a complex case. And we shouldn't get caught up in our underwear so far.

DOBBS: We shouldn't get caught up, I'm sorry?

GERGEN: We shouldn't get caught up in our underwear about whether Karl Rove is in legal trouble.

DOBBS: Well, I don't think we -- I don't think we are.

GERGEN: I don't see -- well, I don't see what we know so far as indicating he's in legal trouble. There may be some political storm over this.

DOBBS: Right.

Dobbs has repeatedly bemoaned that" this investigation into this leak has now taken longer than Watergate at its entirety." I guess he decided if he was going to take part in moving the story forward then it would be sans Gergen and his underwear. Dobbs has covered this story 4 more times since 7/11 but no more Gergen interviews. (He did have 2 lines in a video tape on 7/12 and 1 line on a 7/14 video).

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