Wednesday, December 14, 2005

To the Mattresses

If NBC is going to do more fluff pieces with Bush they better start traveling with some mattresses. Brian Williams shared this yesterday on Hardball.....

WILLIAMS: That‘s right. You know where we were, in Center City, Philadelphia. We pull up, you can hear the protesters yelling shame, shame.

Something I haven‘t said before is, to dampen the noise outside the hotel because of the floor we were on, we had mattresses that our production crew had put up against the windows and curtains on the other side, because we had to conduct this interview.

He hasn't said it before huh. Perhaps he could have mentioned the elephant surrounding the room to Bush at the time. Or even have asked about NBC's investigative story on the Pentagon spying on anti war activists that aired on the next evening's newscast. From watching the "in depth" piece it's obvious Lisa Meyers didn't slap it together in 24 hours and doubtful was done unbeknownst to Managing Editor Brian Williams.

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