Wednesday, December 07, 2005

NOLA Residents Testify Before Congress

Some incredibly strong black women testified Tuesday before the House Select Katrina Response Investigation Committee. Each of the NOLA residents told their accounts of what happened in NOLA post Katrina and they didn't spar anyone.
At one point Rep. Christopher Shays basically called them liars regarding their testimony that the military pointed guns at children and that they heard explosions just prior to the levee breach. I have video below of the women's response to this (I had to edit parts of the women's responses to get to upload size allowed)
Just to note ......Shays ends up with his head in his hands at one point and Rep Tom Davis as mediator is quite funny also. What I thought watching...... Oy Republican white men at their best.
Also of interest is the question at the end.

Click here to watch video (Direct link, no download, less than 3 minutes)

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