Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bush: Hold the Presses

(via Atrios and Attytood)

Newsweek is reporting "on December 6, Bush summoned Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger and executive editor Bill Keller to the Oval Office in a futile attempt to talk them out of running the [NSA] story.The Times will not comment on the meeting, but one can only imagine the president’s desperation."

Newsweek is tough on Bush stating he tried to kill the story "because he knew that it would reveal him as a law-breaker."

As for the NYT I don't even know what to say anymore......
Wow at least they didn't cave in...... again?

UPDATE: Well now I know what to think of the NYT.... motherf#%@*$#s!

(Via Atrios) ...The LA Times reports the NYT knew of the secret NSA spying on Americans BEFORE the election last year and only printed the story last week "when it became apparent a book by one of its reporters was about to break the news."

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