Saturday, December 03, 2005

CNN Pipeline Launches Monday

From Atlanta Journal Constitution (via Mediabistro)

CNN will launch the new service, dubbed Pipeline, on Monday. Unlike CNN's current Web products, which lean on text or video snippets that aren't live, Pipeline will feature four video streams. The service, in development since September 2004, has its own staff, studio and news anchors at CNN Center in Atlanta.
Pipeline also is meant to have a much different feel than CNN or CNN Headline News. Among other things, CNN Pipeline will feature raw video — of the latest car chase, weather disaster or congressional hearing — with relatively little commentary from anchors.
During the day, the Pipeline screen will display several options — four live streams, or what CNN dubs "pipes" — plus recorded videos and access to archived items. From 8 p.m. to 8 a.m., Pipeline will include CNN International among the pipes.
I don't plan to lay out the $25 Pipeline yearly fee for more CNN but the advantages would be "little commentary from anchors" and CNN International. I already get CNNi so....
But I can see where this concept could be of interest to some people. I guess it depends on what the product will actually end up being.

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