Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Help the Katrina Missing:
Please Sign This Petition

It appears though FEMA info for missing Katrina children is now being shared with those working to find them, the same is not true for missing and displaced adults. This is a comment from a reader.....

Please remember that the children are not the only missing people who need their caregivers. Many of the missing are very elderly, disabled, or ill. I'm a volunteer helping families search for the missing. We volunteers have started a petition to Congress asking that FEMA be required to share their information.

This is a portion of that petition....
Nursing homes and hospitals in New Orleans still have not located all
their patients.The state of Louisiana cannot find 51 foster children
and their foster parents.An untold number of families are desperately
searching for elderly and ill relatives who are unable to speak for
themselves.Families still search for loved ones who lie among the
hundreds of dead at St. Gabriel morgue, whose names FEMA will not release.

FEMA says in its mission statement that one of its major roles is to
"minimize suffering and disruption caused by disasters."It promises
that, "FEMA will provide timely and appropriate disaster assistance to
hasten the recovery of individuals and communities."Sharing
information is a crucial part of the recovery assistance FEMA must now
provide.The lack of information is causing untold suffering.

FEMA promises that its data collection and Information Technology system
"will serve as the Nation's portal for emergency management information
before, during, and after disaster strikes... FEMA will provide a
single entry point through which users can access a broad spectrum of
relevant emergency management information.

Please click here to sign the petition
And click to see those who have signed in order to read the comments.

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