Wednesday, December 07, 2005



The state Senate voted today to amend the Wisconsin Constitution to ban gay marriage and Vermont-style civil unions.

The Senate voted 19-14 to approve the amendment, which now goes
to the Assembly.

Lawmakers expect it to pass there easily, and be on the
statewide ballot in November.

Alot is on the line in '06 in Wisconsin. First is the governorship. Of course Republicans wanted this amendment on the ballot in '06 just for that reason to try to get voters out to unseat Gov. Doyle (Dem). I hope WI voters wake up to the fact that gays are being used to manipulate them.

Finally the Christian right really wants to get a victory on an anti gay marriage ban in a progressive state like WI. It's a sad day but the fight begins. The group Action Wisconsin has been organizing here for some time. They can use any support you can give. If you can volunteer your time or especially make a donation just click on their link.

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