Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ford Is So Screwed

If you haven't been following what is happening at AMERICAblog you ought to get over there cause it is getting very interesting. It all started with this..
In a nutshell, the rabid homophobes at the American Family Association threatened Ford with a boycott earlier this year because they were advertising in the gay press. Suddenly in June the AFA called off their threatened boycott because local Ford dealers had contacted the national Ford office and, apparently, suggested Ford might be amenable to working out a deal. Now we find out that Ford is pulling its gay ads and that Ford even tells the Advocate that the AFA's press release claiming credit for this entire thing is accurate.
Ford wants to dance with bigots, that's fine. But you don't get to do that in the year 2005 and remain a prosperous company in America.

I want phone numbers and email contacts for all of Ford's top executives and public relations people. Go to it folks.

And then just took off from there. Now lo and behold that super duper secret deal was brokered by a couple of former Bush boys.

But boy it gets better. Tonight AMERICAblog uncovered someone from Ford "posting misinformation anonymously in our comments section." They have all the IP address info posted.
OMG is Ford stupid or what.
Get out the popcorn and go over to AMERICAblog because this is some show.
And don't buy a Ford.
And let them know why you won't buy a Ford.

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