Tuesday, January 03, 2006

We Gots Some Charity.....
for Straight Whites Only

I doubt they would put their message in their yard but did they really think it was OK to post it on the internets????? Apparently......

NOLA.com reports The Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center, a nonprofit civil rights organization has filed a discrimination complaint with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development against 5 websites that advertise free housing for Katrina victims. Seems they have allowed "White Only" posts and a few "No Gays" which is illegal as the sites accept paid advertising.

Here's a sampling of the 68 such postings found on 5 Web sites that offer housing to people displaced by Katrina........

"Not racist, but white only," says a Jasper, Ala., posting that offers two rooms in a mobile home.

"As a white couple, we would be looking for a white mother and baby," advises a posting from Casselbery, Fla.

"Will help white males ages 20-45," says a Baton Rouge offer.

"We would prefer a white Christian couple. Pastors are welcome," says someone from Douglasville, Ga.

"Gays and lesbians not welcome."

"We live in a redneck county here and blacks are frowned on,"

Paul Wilson who is behind katrinahousing.org said they're pulling the posts but whined like a titty ass baby about it.......

The discriminatory postings make up only a part of what's on the site, said Wilson, who found the complaint a hassle but agreed to comply. Wilson said he can understand someone asking for a "Christian" roommate.

"If you're opening up your home free of charge, it's probably one of the most intimate things you can do," Wilson said. "This is adding to our plate. It's one more thing we have to do. We're all volunteers."

Boo F#*king Hoo. It'd be one thing if this slipped by them but it appears this was a whole other matter. Must have learned from Bush that when laws are inconvenient just ignore them and once caught........ whine about expediency.

UPDATE: No surprise I guess that katrinahousing.org isn't gay friendly. The organization was started by 3 members of the Latter-day Saints.
It is also a foundation of the National Heritage Foundation as disclosed at the bottom of their homepage
I'll have more on all of this tomorrow.
UPDATE: Here is the post on the National Heritage Foundation

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