Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Kurtz Gets Defensive of His Swiftboating Article

Howie Kurtz took umbrage today of the "left side of the commentariat" questioning his using the conservative CSN as the source of his article on Murtha. Kurtz appears to say swiftboating is ok because "politcs ain't beanbag" and the media will see through and expose false attacks. He claims after all the media did so with the John Kerry Swiftboaters saying this---" even though the media poked significant holes in their account."

They did? Now that's news.

Perhaps Howie can explain how that story persisted for months if the media had supposedly exposed it to be 'holey' or how the term "Swiftboating" ever came into our lexicon if that affair had been promptly laid to rest by the diligent members of the 'pressitariat'.

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