Monday, January 02, 2006

Katrina Puppy Boom

WDSU reports there is a puppy boom going on in NOLA post Katrina. Though more than 6000 pets were rescued from the region there are still 1000's of pets remaining in NOLA that are running loose.....
Now, puppies are being seen everywhere amid the rubble.
One animal control officer from Massachusetts, who has made two trips to help trap loose dogs and cats in New Orleans and Mississippi, said he has never seen so many puppies.He pulled 10 pups and their mother from under a porch in Biloxi. On another shift, he found seven puppies and seven more dogs.He took them all to a shelter that was built for 75 animals, but now holds about 250 dogs and cats on any given day -- including nearly 50 puppies.

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