Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Nagin’s a Tool

I don't rant often but I'm going to today. I'm pissed off. Maybe it's because we lost a major American city and people have moved on as though the neighbors rickety garage blew over in a windstorm. Or maybe it's that we never even bothered to search for the bodies. Or maybe it's because we have 2 million people displaced but no one, not even FEMA, knew it. Or maybe it's because people are living in tents cause the only way to get a damned FEMA trailer is to chain yourself to one. Or maybe it's because Bush's crony buddies are about to make a killer land grab that will make the Louisiana Purchase look like a dimebag drug deal. Whatever it is I've had it. It's time to get serious about helping our fellow Americans before we lose our last shred of moral decency. So today as people are taking a sharp look at Ray Nagin, here's my take.

Nagin came out of the White Republican Big Business Tent for one day to have his Come to Chocolate moment and got his teeth kicked in. I say good.

It’s time to face reality about Nagin. He is Democrat in name only. We owe him nothing. Throwing a verbal chocolate bone to the people one day of the year doesn’t erase being a tool for Republicans and Big Business the other 364.

I had my Nagin awakening when the levee funding deal went down. The people of NOLA needed Cat 5 levees. The Democrats were lobbying hard for it. But they are expensive and Bush couldn’t part with any of his war bucks or tax cuts for the wealthy for that. But polls show Americans want NOLA rebuilt and 71% say cut Iraq spending or delay/cancel tax cuts to do it. What was the boy king to do?

Get a Tool. And he found one in Nagin. Bush brought Nagin to the White House. Now keep in mind this is at the exact same time that Blanco was refused an appointment with no explanation and LA Dems were lobbying furiously in DC for Cat 5 funding. That was all to end, when Bush announced his funding for levee rebuilding with a smiling, grateful Nagin in tow for all America to see. Impression to be left for Americans? Must be a good thing.

It’s not. What Bush gave was Cat 3 levees. And what were Dems to do as a fellow Dem slurped up the crappy deal. Well they smiled and went along. Bush knew what he was doing. He found a nice wedge tool in Nagin or should I say axe to cut the legs out from under the Democrats. Well it’s time Democrats face reality regarding Nagin and cut him loose….actively and completely. He opened the door and he certainly made his own bed. Tuck him in and say goodnight. Do it now before he gives away the absolutely necessary Baker Bill, which Bush doesn't support either. Or as sure as FEMA will fuck up tomorrow Bush will pull out his tool once again. Make that a multi-tool. Nagin is flexible.

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