Thursday, January 19, 2006

24 Hours of the Spectacular Ignorance of Tweety

On Hardball tonight Tweety compared Michael Moore to Osama bin Laden. Yesterday Tweety and Imus did some Bareback Mountain gay bashing. And last night as I watched Hardball he questioned how Laura Bush knows God wants NOLA rebuilt......
MATTHEWS:........She said, “God wants New Orleans to be rebuilt.” How does she know? Why are people talking for a deity? We can argue whether there is a God, but then to be hearing voices. This is the Joan of Arc stuff.
MATTHEWS: She said God wants us to rebuild New Orleans.

ROGERS: Well, maybe he does.

MATTHEWS: Well, sure. Maybe he hasn't give it any thought, I'm not sure. I just don't know, but I wouldn't presume.

ROGERS: I don't want to pick on Mrs. Bush. I don't know what she said. I give her the benefit of the doubt.

MATTHEWS: Well, I just told you what she said. But you can hide behind ignorance.

ROGERS: Ignorance is bliss.

MATTHEWS: I know. I've heard that before.

I thought geez I got to hear what Laura said! But the only thing I've been able to find is what the AP reported......

Asked about the comment, Mrs. Bush joked that she didn't really think she could speak for God. Then she added that she believes Nagin wants New Orleans to be rebuilt.

"He wants people who lived in New Orleans to come back," Mrs. Bush said. "I do, too, and I know the president does, too. You know it's going to take a long time."

Now I don't know where Tweety got his quote but according to AP Laura Bush refused to speak for God THEN said NAGIN wants NOLA rebuilt. I've not been able to find anything that supports what Tweety said. If anyone can point me to something, OK. Otherwise Tweety is just wrong.......Again. Ignorance is bliss indeed.

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