Sunday, January 15, 2006

Over Half of NOLA Stoplights Still Out

56% of the stoplights in NOLA are still not working.....

More than four months after Hurricane Katrina, fewer than half the 450 traffic lights in New Orleans are working, creating herky-jerky commutes across a stop-sign-dotted city and a daily reminder of the long wait for even basic services.


Drivers' frustrations with the stop-sign system became evident on a recent tour of the city's main thoroughfares. Near the corner of Poydras Street and Claiborne Avenue, a discarded refrigerator blared spray-painted profanity at passing drivers: "Slow the f- - - down please!"

The city turned repairs over to the state which has turned it over to contractors due to the breadth and complexity of the task. It will be another 6 months before all the lights work and will cost $25 million.

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