Tuesday, January 24, 2006

NOLA Election

It is expected that Gov. Blanco will set April 22 as the date for NOLA elections. Local political analysts say no one knows what to expect of the election.......

“This is going to be an incredibly unusual election,” Renwick said. “We don't even know who the voters are. We don't know who's going to vote. We don't know which race is in the majority. We don't know who's going to run. What we know is not much of anything.”

Both Lee and Renwick agreed that even with potential heavy hitters such as Peggy Wilson, Oliver Thomas, Mitch Landrieu, Rob Couhig and George Fowler in the mix, no one candidate would necessarily be a shoe-in. They said the big question on election night would be how many displaced residents decide to vote by absentee.

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