Thursday, January 19, 2006

"Consistent Info" on Missing Persons Leads to Search of 400 NOLA Homes for Bodies

(NOLA Lower 9th Ward---1/6/2006)

I began writing about the need to search NOLA homes for bodies on October 4, the day after the official search was called off. I knew there had to be bodies in the rubble, dozens of bodies, perhaps even hundreds. Some areas had never even been searched as of October 3rd.

Now with 3200 people still listed as missing, Louisiana authorities are calling for the search of 400 homes "because authorities have consistent information about people missing from those locations."

400 Homes!

That means there is a good possibility that the death toll could rise dramatically. We are nearing 5 months since the hurricane struck and there are still 400 families out there who have no answer! This is an atrocity...
It's also possible some of those listed as missing were washed into the gulf or Lake Pontchartrain following the Aug. 29 storm. Others might be in the rubble of homes washed off their foundations or pancaked in place, though Cataldie has declined to speculate how many of the missing might have been killed.
This horror could have been avoided had the search continued in October. As difficult as it may have been, every effort should have been made to recover our citizens
Shame on us.

UPDATE: Here is a CNN story on one woman still searching for her mother. It includes an interview with Dr. Louis Cataldie, LA state's medical examiner, who requested the search......a good guy.
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