Thursday, July 28, 2005

Your Help Is Needed In WI
To Stop Gay Marriage Ban

The only cause to which I've asked people to donate is Action Wisconsin's fight against banning gay marriage in WI. It will be coming up in 2006. This group has been in the lead and is doing great work. The fight in WI is seen by many as the one that can turn the tide. I received the following today.
Please Consider Donating.

Earlier this month, the Human Rights Campaign and the Milwaukee-

based Brico Fund announced their $125,000 contribution to defeat

the ban on civil unions and marriage. This early investment is a

symbol of their confidence in Wisconsin's potential to defeat the

constitutional ban on civil unions and marriage in November 2006.

These organizations made this gift as a challenge to you to

match that amount to support our campaign.

So far, our supporters have responded by giving over $90,000.

We're $35,000 away from meeting our goal.

Your donation today can push us over the top.

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