Saturday, July 30, 2005

"Can't Recall" is new Denial Non Denial

Bush nominees seem to take cover under the "Can't Recall" denial with frequency these days. This week SCOTUS nominee did "not recall" having been a member of the Federalist Society despite WaPo evidence to the contrary. (see earlier post). And John Bolton did "not recall" being interviewed by the State Dept inspector general's office though records show he was interviewed on July 18, 2003 about the Niger uranium issue. However he told the Senate "no" he'd never been interviewed on his nomination forms.

This simpleton denial doesn't have the ambiguity and equovication of the traditional denial non denial but remember we are talking of the simpleton "say what we mean" Bush administration. No need to put effort into finessing the language to mislead or lie here when a simple "I can't remember" will do.

I guess if the Senate insists on seeing the 9 NSA intercepts the administration will tell us "My Dog Ate Them."

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