Friday, July 22, 2005

Who Was on This Plane?

It appears Rove was not on Air Force One to see the Top Secret State Deptartment memo. It is beleived that the leak of Valerie Plame began on Air Force One with this memo. So who was on this plane?????

Talk Left reports:

The Chicago Tribune (March 5, 2004, scroll down) reported on the subpoenas and the fact that the White House has refused to release the names of those on the Africa trip to the media. News reports have put Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Ari Fleisher and Andrew Card on the trip. Also, there were three planes that went on the trip: Air Force One, a second plane with reporters and other White House officials, and a third plane.

Talk Left cites an article that says there were 76 aboard the plane. So determining who they were is now a part of solving this mystery.

Anyone interested???

Want to google articles and photos?????

Identify staff in the photos?????

For example who are the staff in photo below with Rice and Powell??????

Send me any photos and tips for inclusion here. Let's get at this heh.

Who Was On The Trip (so far):
  1. George W. Bush
  2. Laura Bush
  3. Barbara Bush
  4. Andy Card
  5. Ari Fleisher
  6. Dan Bartlett
  7. Colin Powell
  8. Conoleezza Rice
  9. Mr. Dickens
  10. Walter Kansteiner

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