Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Leak Investigation Initially NOT About
Identity Protections Act

Newsweek reports that the initial request by the CIA for an investigation of the Plame leak never mentioned the 1982 Intelligence Identities Act. Rather it appears:
Fitzgerald may be looking at other laws barring the disclosure of classified info or the possibility that current or former White House aides made false statements or obstructed justice.

Newsweek also reports the agreement made with Tim Russert for his testimony:
The deal was not, as many assumed, for Russert's testimony about what Libby told him: it focused on what Russert told Libby.
This now appears significant: in pursuing Russert's testimony, Fitzgerald was testing statements by White House aides—reportedly including Libby—that they learned about Wilson's wife from reporters, not classified documents.

OK so appears Tim must have felt he was maintaining his journalist ethics because he wasn't revealing what a source disclosed to him. He was just talking about himself.

It appears all the Freeper's focus on whether Rove "said Plame's name" is becoming more inane by the moment as it is looking more and more that at issue are possible indictments for perjury, obstruction and/or conspiracy which could be more serious and far reaching.

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