Thursday, July 21, 2005

That's Mrs. Greenspan to You Buddy

Andrea Mitchell was forcibly removed from a photo op with Condoleezza Rice and Sudan's President Omar el-Bashir after questioning him about his involvement in the country's violence.There was a shoving match even before Mitchell had entered the room.
Sudanese officials already didn't want her there. Mitchell said she was shoved as she entered a room where Rice and el-Bashir were posing for pictures. Reporters were only allowed in at the State Department's insistence, and were told not to ask questions.

Ah but Mitchell fired away anyway:
"Can you tell us why the violence is continuing?" Mitchell asked, as a Sudanese official said "no, no, no, please."

"Can you tell us why the government is supporting the militias?" she asked.

After getting no reply from el-Bashir, she asked, "Why should Americans believe your promises?"

Now if only she would ignore White House photo op protocol and ask Bush of Rove leaking a CIA agent's identity:
"Can you tell us why the cover-up is continuing?
"Can you tell us why your government supports the take-down of CIA agents?
"Why should Americans believe your promise to fire Rove"

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