Thursday, June 16, 2005

WI "Missing White Women's" Law:
The Cheeshead Virgins Protection Act

While the media ponders how to end the out of control problem of missing white women and keep young women safe (and virginal) on their travels.... the WI Assembly took action. After a heated debate tonight, they passed a bill banning the morning-after pill on state college campuses. The First in the Country.
This all began when the UW-Madison Health Services clinic advertised in the school paper that students could call the clinic for prescriptions of the drug to use on spring break. Well that got the Republicans moving. Rep. Daniel LeMahieu, R-Oostburg introduced the bill. On the Assembly floor tonight he said:
"Are we going to change the lifestyle of every UW student? No," LeMahieu said. "But we can tell the university that you are not going to condone it, you are not going to participate in it, and you are not going to use our tax dollars to do it."
Democrats pleaded:
  • The bill was unconstitutional
  • Could stop UW pharmacies from dispensing all forms of birth control to thousands of college students
  • Would deny rape victims a chance to stop pregnancies
  • Predicted it would lead to more unwanted pregnancies and surgical abortions
  • Was a full frontal assault on the right to privacy, on the right of free speech, on the right of a free press.
But that's reasoning and that just doesn't go anywhere these days. The bill has to pass the Republican controlled state Senate (probably will). But Democrat Governor Jim Doyle has said he will veto it.
Without a Democrat for governor, WI would be passing a lot of Firsts.
So Aruba get ready....... here come the Cheeshead Virgins!

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