Wednesday, June 22, 2005

European Secularism

The Christian Science Monitor is running a 2 part article on the role of religion in Europe that looks interesting:.

Indeed, its secularism has led to jokes that Europe is one big "blue" state. But Europeans aren't laughing. Buffeted by the crosscurrents of secularism, Christianity, and Islam - and mindful of a history of religious violence - they are wrestling with their values and identity as never before.

"The clash between those who believe and those who don't believe will be a dominant aspect of relations between the US and Europe in the coming years," says Jacques Delors, a former president of the European Commission. "This question of a values gap is being posed more sharply now than at any time in the history of European-US relations since 1945."

A few stats:

  • 21% of Europeans say religion is "very important" to them

  • 59% of Americans say faith very important

  • 44% of American attend a place of worship per week

  • 15% of Eurpeans attend a place of worship per week

I hope they do not have to deal with the ruinous fundamentalism so prevalent here.

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