Sunday, June 05, 2005

Class Wars:
Haves & Have-mores Have At It

And it is enough to make me sick. NYT continues it series on class with a look at old money Vs new money battling it out for supremecy like 2 alpha male pit bulles on tony Nantucket. They snipe at each other with my ________ (insert any large , I mean LARGE toy) is bigger than yours. Take this:

"Money makes a lifestyle," he said. "It creates a division between the old money and the new. It is a little bit of class jealousy. We go to a cocktail party and a guy is telling my wife about his airplane. So finally the question comes up: 'How do you get over to the island?' and she says, 'We come by plane.' And he says, 'What kind of plane?' and she says, 'A G-IV.' And so the wind comes out of the guy's sails."

"The old money guy has a twin-prop airplane and that is pretty incredible," Mr. Kittredge continued. "For his time, that is pretty great. Now he is talking to a guy who is half his age who has a transcontinental jet. That is the end of the conversation.

Yes..... Doesn't that bring tears to your eyes to see one man's triumph. At last the measure of a man is obvious. His life work is upheld as right and just and noble....oh wait

"Or you meet someone and they start telling you about their boat. He has a 45-foot boat and he is very happy with it. Then he'll say, 'Do you have a boat?' And you say, 'Yes.' 'Well, what kind of boat do you have?' And you say, 'A Fed Ship.' And he says, 'How big is it?' That's how people rank them. So I have to say, 'It's 200 feet.' It's the end of the conversation. Is there envy? Yes, could be. Was he a wealthy guy in his day? Absolutely, but relative to today - no. The two worlds can mix as long as they don't talk too much."

Someone from "old wealth" put it succinctly:

"Shame has somehow gone out the window," Mr. Thomas said. "There is no incentive to exercise control."

That's for damn sure and it makes me wanna puke. We're living in the god damn Gilded Era Redeux. These rich pricks have lost all perspective and I wish someone or something would bring them under control. I'd like to start a huge whisper campaign about The Reign of Terror Redeux....remember that period of time after the French Revolution when all the rich and powerful lost their heads...literally. Get everyone whispering that whenthis economy goes to hell and all us poor folk lose everything we'll be crossing that moat to come get them. If these fucks have no conscience or class then maybe fear of facing a guilotine (televised on CNN of course) will instill a little grace and class. At a bare minimum could you at least not flaunt it for chris sakes.
OK I'm just dreaming. I know they're hopeless. But I love what the local taxi driver says of the pretentious, amoral, pricks (and in turn the rest of us):

"Class has a certain grace," Ms. Briard said. "Just because you can go to Chanel and buy a dress does not mean you have class. A person who just pays their bills on time can have class."

Yeah Everyone I KNOW shows more class than these rich fucks.
And I fucking paid my phone and electric on time this month......beat that bitches.

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