Wednesday, June 22, 2005

More Ohio

Dean calls on Bush to return money from Noe:

"Noe was given special status and special access by the Bush-Cheney campaign as a Pioneer donor, but there are now signs that the money he used to acquire this special status was tainted."

Mr. Dean yesterday repeated the Democratic National Committee's call for President Bush to return money raised by Mr. Noe. Ohio Democrats have also called on Ohio lawmakers who have received money from Mr. Noe to return the contributions.

"President Bush should immediately return all of the cash Noe raised to eliminate even the possibility that the hard-earned money of Ohio's workers was improperly diverted to his re-election campaign," Mr. Dean said.

I hope Dean and Dems keep the pressure on. Maybe Bush will have to admit a mistake for once.

And more in Ohio The Guardian reports today that:

Gov. Bob Taft failed to report a number of golf outings on his financial disclosure statements, the same omission that figured in the earlier resignation of three of his agency heads.
In a letter to the Ohio Ethics Commission, Taft wrote that it "has recently come to my attention'' that he failed to list the outings on required financial disclosure forms in past years. He released the letter Tuesday.
Ohio just keeps on giving ...too bad it's not on cabloid news.
UPDATE: More detail available on golf outings.

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