Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Live 8 Too White African Concert

Bob Geldof is coming under fire for his Live 8 concert line-up in London. This from Black Information Link:
Black activists and musicians were outraged at the choice of rock and pop musicians for the Live Aid-style extravaganza in London's Hyde Park. Sir Bob said the Live 8 free concert would showcase the "Crème de la Crème" of musical talent. But the list of acts failed to include a single Black British, African or Caribbean artist. Only one of the 22 acts, Mariah Carey, can be counted as an ethnic minority.

Musician and author of BBC's 'Babyfather' drama Patrick Augustus said: "We are being totally excluded. "It seems like the great white man has come to rescue us while the freedom fighters never get a mention. They're just big-ing up their own people. "The organisers need to engage British, African and Jamaican artists who have been dealing with these subjects for a while. Where are the reggae artists that have been campaigning for truth and justice over all these years?"

An all white line up for an African benefit. Yeah that's a great idea. And to make matters worse:
The Make Poverty History campaign suffered a blow yesterday when it was revealed that the white wristbands were being manufactured 'unethically' with forced labour and poverty-wages in China.

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