Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Blair Seeks Backing on 2 Issues

Blair is coming to Washington to meet with Bush Tuesday. The 2 issues on Blair's agenda are Africa and global warming. But this paragraph from a BBC article says it all I think:
Before the PM left the UK, his official spokesman downplayed expectations for the meeting with the US president.

First, in an interview, Blair has said he has given up on trying to get Bush to support
Gordon Brown's plan to help Africa . So now he says he is hopeful for a "breakthrough regarding climate change."

Boy are his hopes going to be dashed. As the NYT says
"On climate change, the administration and Downing Street are far apart." Surprise heh.

All this is in advance of the G8 Summit in Scotland next month. Basically Blair is trying to keep Bush from ruining the summit with his petulance and get a little pay back for all his support in the past (ie IRAQ).
I just don't see it happening.

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