Monday, June 13, 2005

So When do We Demand Americans Pay Attention

There's a bumper sticker something to the effect, If you aren't outraged, you aren't paying attention. The question in the back of my mind for some time has been at what point do you fault the American people for not paying attention?

Yes the Republican administration is corrupt and broken. Yes the media is corporate owned and out to lunch. We could write on those 2 forever. But when and how do we really hold the American people accountable?
When do we say if you don't even vote then you really can't expect anything from your government other than the opportunity to let it screw you over.
And if you don't get involved in the least in local or national politics well don't complain when your views are not represented.
If you do not watch ANY news then you haven't the right to get plead ignorance when your government commits crimes and misdemeanors here and abroad.
If you only let the MSM wash over you 2-3 times a week, with no questioning or researching on your own, what they broadcast, then don't wax on about Your Democracy and how much you love it and Everyone in the world should be practicing it.

If people want good government they have to demand it and watch over it. They can't be asleep at the wheel or busy with the latest electronic toys, reality television and celebrety infotainment. They have to be SERIOUS Watchdogs of Their Interests.

Would you just say things are so great now I guess it is safe to leave my money and everything I cherish out on the fronch porch? Hell no because you know there will always be wolves at the door. Well the same holds true with government. If you don't watch over it there is someone who will come on in and take it For themselves, By themselves, To enrich themselves. So when do we say to the people....What the Hell You Gonna Do About it?????

Are you going to go to Washington and male your Representative accountable? Huh? If your bank made a Huge mistake in calculations and it meant all your savings were gone plus you owed them money... ( say like charging you $200 Billion for a war that turned out to be unnecessary and wiped out all surpluses) You mean to tell me you would just sit at home wondering where the white girl in Aruba was, while you waited for the MJ verdict and planned a get together to watch American Idol?
Fuck'd be screeching down to the bank and you wouldn't leave until they admitted they screwed up and gave you a plan for fixing writing. So why do we not expect the same of the American people when it comes to government? This is our government in the end. That's the great idea of democracy we say we are giving to the rest of the world. And the time is coming when we the people have to take either the responsibility or the rap for what happens. It's time we do so....that's what it is going to take if there is to be change. So hey I'll ask it...... Americans when are you going to pay attention and what are you going to do about it?

Yes I can here the objectiosn. You expect too much of Americans. They work so hard. They are so busy. And what about poor Americans.
And yes I hear the cacophony of right wingnuts. See this just proves you hate real Americans you liberal elitists.
And of course you won't win the American public over by blaming them.
Well bullshit to all of that. Americans should be held responsible for their actions and in-actions period. We're adults and the most priveledged in the world. If anyone should be expected to put in some work and effort it Should be us. People really have died forever for freedom and many less powerfull and privelegded die everyday around the world for the littlest things we take for granted. And the big things we take for granted (our gov't foreign policy) is killing a bunch more. So I don't think it is asking too much of Americans....What are you going to do about it??????

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