Thursday, May 26, 2005

WI Legislature Hires Evangelical Group
To Represent Them in Lawsuit Against ACLU

Action Wisconsin reports that Republican lawmakers have accepted an offer from an evangelical group to represent the Wisconsin Legislature in fighting the ACLU lawsuit that seeks equal benefits for lesbian and gay state workers. It's apparently the first time any state legislature has agreed to be represented by such a group. This is all about a move to allow domestic partner benefits to University of Wisconsin employees. The UW is the only school in the "Big Ten" that does not offer domestic partner health insurance. Governor Jim Doyle wants to allow UW to provide equal benefits, but Republican leaders have said they will reject his proposal.

In a letter from Action WI we learn:

"Republican leaders have told us they hired the evangelical Christian group because the Legislature- not the courts--is the proper body to consider this issue. Yet the Legislature has consistently refused to even consider the issue. Domestic partner benefit bills introduced in past sessions were refused hearings. And now the Joint Finance Committee is refusing to give fair consideration to Governor Doyle's request for UW System domestic partner benefits.

The state legislature is also trying to add an anti-gay marriage amendment. Action WI is leading the fight in WI against these anti-gay measures. If you care about human rights you can help out by donating.

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