Friday, May 20, 2005

I've Just Been Waiting for This One

WASHINGTON - The military would need congressional approval before putting women in new direct combat roles under a bill approved by a House committee, its Republican sponsors say.

But Democrats said it was unclear whom the provision would affect and argued it could drastically impact the way the services operate, especially in wartime.

After more than an hour of debate over just what exactly the provision would do, it was included in a bill that sets Defense Department policy and spending plans for the upcoming budget year. The House Armed Services Committee approved the bill early Thursday on a 61-1 vote. The Senate is working on its own Defense Department bill.

I knew this would come eventually but frankly I'm surprised it took this long. I thought after the first female military deaths in Iraq that we would be hearing about this. Besides the sexism of this, it is completely impractical (face it NO woman could be in Iraq at all since the entire country is a combat zone) unless you just keep women out of the military....and there we are back to sexism. Is that really the goal here. Are the christofascists in on this too. ..protecting good Christian women? Or is it just the good ol boy thing of "women don't belong in the military" and here is the way in effect get rid of them.
Well good luck to the recruiters then.....with this bill they'd lose about 15% of their recruits and at a time when they can't even come close to meeting their goals.

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