Friday, May 27, 2005

And Here's How We're Seen

Well if you read Freidman's latest column then you really ought to read this is from a columnist of the Moscow Times.
He is writing about Sy Hersch's interview with the relative of a female US soldier evidently involved in prisoner torture and how it has affected her in very negative ways. He then extrapolates to all of US:

The fate of this soul-broken, tormented daughter of America embodies the nation itself under the malevolent reign of President George W. Bush. The whole country is changing its skin, trying to cloak its complicity and shame with a wilful disfigurement. Who could look on the hideous form of Bush's America -- the snarling faces belching rancor on Fox News; the rabid partisans oozing bile through the halls of Congress; the money-glutting religious extremists relentlessly pushing ignorance, intolerance and theocratic dominion; the corporate beasts devouring the landscape, destroying communities, writing their own laws, gorging on unprecedented profits wrung from global sweatshops, corruption and war; the somnolent, silent, acquiescent public, blankly countenancing torture, deceit, military aggression and the destruction of their constitutional order -- and not see in all this a body politic in profound psychological crisis: traumatized, guilt-ridden, turning itself inside out in a frantic attempt to escape the truth?

And this desperation only grows as the truth piles up, fragment by fragment, dug out from Bush's slagheap of lies. In the past month, there has been a barrage of "smoking guns" outlining the Regime's criminality in such stark and blatant terms that even the U.S. corporate media -- those cringing enablers of atrocity -- have been forced to take some notice.

That is some writing. And he sure has nailed us. Accurately I'm afraid.
Makes me think of Tom Friedman uttering the famous line from Jaws...."We're gonna need a bigger boat"

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