Wednesday, May 25, 2005

House Backs Down from Banning Women in Combat

Well I guess for once pragmaticism has prevailed in Washington. The House decided against Rep Duncan Hunter's (R-CA) bill to ban women from combat positions. Instead they voted to let the Pentagon to continue to decide what exactly are "combat support" positions which women have been able to serve in since 1994. Hunter had argued that the Pentagon was not in compliance with their policy.

The Army, which started allowing women to serve in combat support units last year, said it was in compliance.

But in the end, Hunter was overpowered by a coalition of Republicans, Democrats and Pentagon officials who argued that an earlier provision would have caused confusion among military commanders and soldiers, hurt recruitment and retention of women, and hindered the military's ability to make staffing decisions in the battlefield.

Hey a recruiter's job is hard work as it is.

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