Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Why Does Sony Hate the Troops?

Stars & Stripes reports that "the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, which operates Power Zones and other stores that sell CDs is offering customers (the troops) a full refund for opened or unopened packages."

Why? The anti-piracy software on Sony CD's alters computer operating systems which could result in a security threat to the military....
Military network analysts are assessing a possible security threat that could result if the software is installed on government computers, according to Tom Ryan, an information assurance manager with the 5th Signal Command based in Mannheim, Germany.“It’s not so much [a threat] on the classified network because everything on it is already encrypted,” Ryan said. “But as far as [operational security], on the unclassified side it’s possible for somebody to pull down enough information to put together some really sensitive stuff.”

Come on Sony stop endangering the troops.
Stop denying the troops their much needed tunes.
Boycott Sony!
I smell bi-partisan here. This is something everyone can get behind. Support the troops and well if it gets that crap off our CD's in the process would that be so bad?
Afterall we could use a little uniting.......what Bush promised, let the Sony boycott deliver.

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