Thursday, November 03, 2005

US Justifies Keeping Gitmo Detainees BUT....

The US laid out it's rational for continued imprisonment of Guantanamo detainees in a report to the UN late last month......
"There is no question that under the law of armed conflict, the United States has the authority to detain persons who have engaged in unlawful belligerence until the cessation of hostilities,"
"Like other wars, when they start we do not know when they will end. Still, we may detain combatants until the end of the war," the report said.

Until the end of the war?
But then why did we release 5 Kuwaitis from Gitmo on Friday?

Could it be that one had been on a hunger strike for 3 months?
Or that Kuwait is a major ally of the US?

We are told these are terrorists and must be detained to gain intel from them and to ensure they do not return to the battlefield so to speak. However though the 5 may face charges in Kuwait there is no guarantee of that. Wouldn't it be possible then to return to terrorist activity, assuming they were indeed engaged in that to begin with?

When I read of these releases I have to ask.....If it is OK to release them now, why were they detained to begin with?

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