Monday, November 21, 2005

Turkee Day: Catch "Off to War"

Discovery Times channel will re-air all the episodes of the series "Off to War" beginning on Thanksgiving Day through Saturday. This is a great series that follows an Arkansas Guard unit from the time it learns it will be deployed, through training, deployment in Iraq and their return home.

I started watching the "Off to War" series when it premiered last year. It is riveting. It follows 7 members of the unit in Iraq and their families at home over the course of their 18 month deployment including one year in Iraq...April '04-'05. You see very young men claim they are going to get Saddam for 9/11. Many episodes later in Iraq they see the headlines of the 9/11 Commission that Saddam had nothing to do with Iraq and are disgusted and ask Why are they there?
I knew of soldiers digging through scrap heaps for metal to up-armour their vehicles long before it became a story because I had seen it on "Off to War". (BTW once back in Kuwait at the end of their deployment, they had to remove it, as one soldier said..."for the next poor bastards")
Lot of people talk about supporting the troops and I wonder if they even know what they are talking about. This series will let you see. So when Bush makes his inevitable "surprise" visit (read photo op) to Iraq or Afghanistan this Thanksgiving Day turn him off and switch on "Off to War." Beware.... you'll get hooked and want to see it all.

Amy Goodman has an interview with the film makers.

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