Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bush's 'Offense'

Though Bush attacked the Dems in yesterday's speech AmericaBlog point out that Republicans are questioning Iraq policy and how that "completely undermines the current White House strategy of attack and smear opponents."
I agree and I think this move to get back on the offense by Bush will fail with the American people. Bush obviously is trying to push back against Polls that show the majority of Americans believe the administration misled the country into war. But that ship has sailed. I suspect though Americans do care about how we got INTO this war, they are more concerned about what can be done now to get OUT of this war. While Bush looks backward, the American people are looking forward. And as Bush rails about the past he will look even MORE out of touch. Even Congressional Republicans are looking to develop a plan for getting out and Bush is in Alaska talking about the vote to get into the war? Talk about being out in the cold. It's a crappy offense and it will not move the poll numbers anywhere but further down. So why do it? They don't know anything else. Bush only knows how to campaign and knows nothing of how to govern.

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