Friday, November 25, 2005

Brown: "Media Can't Be Trusted"

Well he just won't go away. The Rocky Mountain News reports that Drownie "has formed a consulting firm to help clients avoid the kind of mistakes that sunk his career." The opening line of the article says this ......"He learned his lessons, and now they're for sale."

So what did he learn? From reading Brown it is that talking to the media was his biggest mistake. He's still focused on the fact that he only "mis-spoke " when he told the media he just learned of the Convention Center debacle. He said...
The lesson, he said, is that sometimes leaders need to "take inventory" of everything that's going on "so that you give the absolute correct message to the media, because the media can't be trusted to, one, always get the message correct, and then when you yourself give the incorrect message, that just exacerbates the whole communications problem."

Yes it is the media's fault for what you say on their programs. Kill the messenger for letting you on TeeVee.
Brown continues to offer excuses in the article, gives no substantive examples of mistakes he made in dealing with the Katrina response and continues his feel sorry for me drumbeat.
Drownie also said.....
he was just days away from resigning before Katrina hit. "The original plan was to be gone before the start of hurricane season," he said. "It couldn't quite get done in time, and so . . . my leaving was delayed slightly. And the rest is history."

It certainly is.

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